Andrew Konomanyi – Tips For Beginner Horseback Riders

Andrew Konomanyi loves to ride horses and has been doing it for many years now. He has ridden many different kinds of horses and on all types of terrain. He encourages other people to ride horses as well. If you are a beginner horseback rider, these tips can help you.

Trust Your Horse

Every rider needs to trust his horse. Your horse can sense if you are insecure, nervous or scared and may not listen to our commands as well or behave as he should. Make sure you are confident and trust your horse.

Take It Slow

You may be tempted to take off on your horse, but it is best to take things slow. Once you have ridden for a while and are more familiar with safety and technique, you can try to go a little faster on your horse. Going too fast too soon can be dangerous for both the horse and rider.

Start With The Basics

The first thing you need to know is how to make your horse go. The second thing you need to know is how to make your horse stop. You should know these basics before you ever set out to ride a horse on your own.

Andrew Konomanyi knows that riding horses can be fun and relaxing. If you have never ridden horses before, keep these tips in mind and remember to stay safe. Riding horses can be enjoyable, and although you may be a beginner now, with some patience and practice, you can soon become an expert.


About Andrew Konomanyi

Andrew Konomanyi is a business professional who has been offering his skills as an entrepreneur to businesses all over the globe. He travels regularly in order to acquire businesses in both the United States and Europe, and is establishing a business empire. He calls the United Kingdom home when he isn’t traveling for business, but he also has homes near the companies he owns in other countries.
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