Andrew Konomanyi on Young Writers and Revisions

When a young writer, like Andrew Konomanyi’s son Kevin, gets to the editing or revision phase of their project, the process can be rough. Many young writers are not very confident in their work, and reexamining it can lead to greater insecurity. To avoid a downward spiral, professional writers believe that there are certain things a young writer can do to improve their own work without feeling overwhelmed.

Most importantly, a young writer should not think about revision as a way to pick apart their rough draft, but a way to make it even better. Revisions are not about being negative, but about gaining new perspective and adding quality to a written work. If you reread your work and are not feeling very happy with it, try changing the beginning or the ending. How the story starts or finishes will make a big impact on the overall feeling of the piece. Even if you do not keep the changes, they may lead to new thoughts or creativity.

Another refreshing way to examine a written work is to rearrange the order of the written events. Writers do not always have to tell their story in chronological order. Changing how and when you tell your story can promote more ideas and make the flow of the piece easier to read and understand.

Sometimes, Andrew Konomanyi explains, when you revise a story it is helpful to change the perspective of the piece. If you originally wrote the story from the point of view of the hero, try changing to the viewpoint of the bad guy.



About Andrew Konomanyi

Andrew Konomanyi is a business professional who has been offering his skills as an entrepreneur to businesses all over the globe. He travels regularly in order to acquire businesses in both the United States and Europe, and is establishing a business empire. He calls the United Kingdom home when he isn’t traveling for business, but he also has homes near the companies he owns in other countries.
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