Andrew Konomanyi Explains How to Calculate Your Golf Handicap

Amateur golfer, Andrew Konomanyi, has become proficient at calculating golf handicaps. This is a necessary skill as your personal handicap will have an impact on your golf score. Unlike most other sports, where higher points win the game, in golf you are striving for the lowest score possible. If the course is a par 72, you want your score to be as close to 72 as possible. In this case, the par refers to the number of swings it should take you to get the ball to each of the eighteen holes.

Calculating a golf handicap is not a difficult process, but it requires some information about the course and the golfer themselves. Firstly, you must determine whether you are playing as a scratch golfer or a bogey golfer. A scratch golfer does not use a handicap or has a handicap of zero. A bogey golfer works with a standard handicap of eighteen as their base. Next, you will need to know the course rating, a number between sixty seven and seventy seven that is found on your score card. The course rating will give an estimate of the score a scratch golfer should earn. Alternatively, the slope rating, which will be between fifty five and one hundred fifty five, gives the approximate score of a bogey golfer.

Using all of this information, Andrew Konomanyi says that you calculate your handicap differential by subtracting the course rating from your adjusted gross score, multiplying that answer by 113, and dividing that answer by the slope rating.



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