Andrew Konomanyi – Tips for Beginners to the Game of Golf

Andrew Konomanyi is a committed individual who has been working hard in order to achieve success in the business community. He serves as an entrepreneur within the business world, which means he buys and takes control of businesses in order to make the successful. He operates businesses all over Europe and the United States, and he often has to travel in order to make sure his companies are running properly. His son is also extremely successful, as he is only 15 years of age, but already been published as a writer by a major company. He is proud of his son for following in his successful footsteps, and being able to see an opportunity when it presents itself.

Andrew Konomanyi has been working hard for the last several years in the professional world, but he has also been playing a lot of golf. Golf is a great way to get some exercise, and it isn’t a terribly demanding sport, so it allows for business to get done as well. Here are some tips for beginners to the game of golf.

The first thing you want to do if you’re new to the game of golf is go to the driving range. The only way to get better at golf is to work on your swing. Make sure you get enough practice in with all your clubs, not just the driver, and spend some time at the practice greens as well. The only way to get better fast is by playing a lot.

Andrew Konomanyi also explains that in order to be a successful golfer, you have to be able to handle pressure.



About Andrew Konomanyi

Andrew Konomanyi is a business professional who has been offering his skills as an entrepreneur to businesses all over the globe. He travels regularly in order to acquire businesses in both the United States and Europe, and is establishing a business empire. He calls the United Kingdom home when he isn’t traveling for business, but he also has homes near the companies he owns in other countries.
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